Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

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The mini-bar in Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel has a leisurely and comfortable style plus a wide sight. Taste unique cocktails in the exquisite atmosphere, enjoy the serene beauty of having a small glass and appreciate the melodious music played by pianists. With the elegant music, you can have a good view of the bustling scene in downtown area of Guilin City.

Round counter and high chairs offer a simple western style. It brings you special feelings and fun when having a soft conversation and listening to live music with delicate wines and ornaments. Sitting down, feeling the calm atmosphere: soft lights, melodious pure music give you the feeling of tranquility in a wonderland. Exquisite fabric sofas show simplicity and depth. The clear landing glass creates a hazy atmosphere. All these make you have enough time for relaxation, let people sense an inexplicable emotion of freeness, comfort and easiness. The attendants’ sincere smiles also bring you a sense of satisfaction.