Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

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Lijiang River hall

Lijiang River Dining Hall is deluxe and spacious. It serves authentic Guilin specialty, Hunan, Cantonese, Sichuan cuisine and various kinds of flavor foods. Excellent and professional cook team, with considerate and attentive service will offer you both delicacies and good moods.

Luxurious carpet and furniture fill the dining hall with noble air. It can hold 300 persons and has 14 single quiet rooms. 7 are facing the river. When enjoying delicacies, you can also have a good view of Guilin City through landing glass. The circumstance is fashionable and graceful. Elegant rooms reveal significant culture of Chinese cuisine. Your requirement for banquet can be met. It is a perfect place for holding small-scaled business conversations, private banquets and delicacy parties.