Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

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Mini-Swimming Pools

There are three mini-swimming pools beside homoiothermic swimming pool: massage pool, cold water pool and children’s pool.

Massage pool: It is jet-type, the force of water flow from opposite sides hits all points in the body and has the function of massage. It can promote blood circulation and sooth people’s nerves. You can sit down or lie down to enjoy flow massage, let water hit your body to enjoy massage on all points. It helps you relax the muscle, improve cardiac function and blood circulation, make you more beautiful and healthier. You will feel totally relieved and extremely comfortable.

Cold water pool: After the sauna, a cold water shower will help enhance physical fitness. Blood circulation would be accelerated, and it makes people’s skin to be healthy and elastic.

Children’s pool: it is equipped especially for kids. Children below 1.4M accompanied by adults can have a swim to enhance the body immunity. All your requirements can be met whether you are here for relaxation or having a family moment.

All mini-swimming pools are well equipped and offer diversified choices for customers. It brings guests full and considerate enjoyment.